July at the Kindu Trust

Last Week in Numbers

68 children received hot meals at The Kindu Klub

37 children received a meal at the Playgroup

19 children used the Kindu library

37 children attended football practice

14 children received English lessons

Our sponsorship team visited 5 families


Our New Volunteer in Ethiopia!

The Kindu Trust is pleased to welcome our new volunteer in Ethiopia, Joseph Carter. Joseph is joining us for three months as a Sponsorship Assistant having spent the last three-and-a-half years working as an analyst in the financial services industry.

“After spending three months volunteering in West Africa in 2014 I was keen to return to the continent to take part in more volunteering projects. I decided I would like to begin my next trip in Ethiopia and my research soon led me to The Kindu Trust. I was immediately won over by the amazing work the charity did in the community and the strong sponsorship network it had created over the last 15 years.

A few months later and I was in country and working with Marta and Aster in the Kindu offices. My primary roles during my three months with Kindu will be to assist the sponsorship team in the day-to-day running of the charity and to assess and evaluate Kindu’s ongoing success.

So far I have helped the team translate field reports and messages from beneficiaries to sponsors and assisted in preparing report packs for sponsors. I have also accompanied the team in the field to visit beneficiaries and to assess the progress of Kindu’s community initiatives, including the Biogas Community Sanitation Project.

In the office I have begun to compile a report based on the results of a recent questionnaire completed by 90 Kindu Trust beneficiaries in which I hope to identify some general trends about beneficiaries’ health, education, income and relationship with the charity.

My highlight so far was the annual Kindu Klub trip which I was lucky enough to be invited to. This year the Klub visited the Blue Nile Falls near Bahir Dar. Despite being in the middle of rainy season we were blessed with a day of sunshine (I got sunburnt for the first time!). Even the five hour trip there and back flew by as the Kindu football team kept the children entertained with songs and dancing from the back of the bus. A great day was had by all! “

There will be more on the Kindu Klub trip next month and big thanks to Joseph who is doing a great job supporting out team in Gondar! If you’re interested in volunteering with The Kindu Trust in the UK or Ethiopia see our pages for more information!

Obama visits Ethiopia

This month Obama became the first acting US president to visit Ethiopia. Many were excited about the visit and we were pleased to note his speech regarding the health and well-being of women and girls in Africa: “The single best indicator of whether a nation will succeed is how it treats its women. When women have health care and women have education, families are stronger, communities are more prosperous, children do better in school, nations are more prosperous.”

In line with our mission to support all children living in poverty equability is fundamental to all our projects and boys and girls are always treated equally. We also recognise the extra obstacles girls often face in this context and our Girls’ educational support project reflects this. We are eagerly awaiting the children’s school results this year and will be providing an exciting update about how the girls’ in the project are doing next month!