Power a Football Team!

Anyone who knows children knows how important it is to keep them busy! Since state schools only run for half the day and children spend much of their spare time doing household chores or trying to earn some more money for the household income, having the opportunity to play becomes even more important. With an absence of safe play areas in Gondar, football can be a great way to help children fill their time and get passionate about something.

The Kindu Trust already has a boy’s football team who have won two awards so far this year! We are also hoping to motivate a group of young girls in the same way, as they equally love football. Supporting our football teams can mean ensuring that the team receives a meal and a drink after their weekly training session or providing them with a piece of kit such as shoes or shin guards, you can even kit out the whole team and become a full sponsor with your logo on their shirt!

£12 buys a full football kit!

£20 means the whole team can recharge with a full meal and a drink after a training session!

£150 buys a football kit for an entire team!

KTFK - Buy a Football Kit Voucher £12

Buy a Football Kit Voucher £12

KTTS - Recharge after Training Session Voucher £20

Recharge after Training Session Voucher £20

Football Kit for an entire Team Voucher £150