Injera Making Project

Injera forms the basis of the Ethiopian diet. It is a large, flat pancake made from fermenting a grain called tef, and is eaten at breakfast, lunch and dinner, often accompanied by shiro (a sauce made from chick pea flour) or wat (stew).

The Kindu Trust has partnered with Gondar University and the Office of Small Scale Enterprises to provide 12 women with full-time employment as Injera Bakers, baking injera for the university student’s breakfasts. The women, all mothers or guardians of sponsored children, work 15 days a month with each shift lasting all night. On average they make 300 pieces of injera during each shift and are paid according to the number and quality of the pieces. It is hard work, but it is providing these women with a regular, guaranteed salary, often for the first time in their lives. Earning a consistent wage not only offers these women the chance to sufficiently provide for their families but also provides them with financial and social empowerment.

The Injera Baking Project demonstrates the way in which The Kindu Trust is working with local governmental bodies in Gondar to deliver real change. This project has great growth potential and The Kindu Trust is proud to be a part of it!

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