Creative Giving

The Kindu Trust enjoys its status as a small and personal organisation. We’re proud to be able to say that our sponsors can always to talk to us and have direct contact with the families they support, sometimes even travelling to Ethiopia to meet them! If you enjoy knowing where your money goes when you donate and being able to see the immediate difference your generosity makes, then our Creative Giving Vouchers are perfect for you! .

Creative Giving Vouchers will be delivered in a card with a personal message. If you specify that they’re a gift, we’re happy to send the card to the person of your choice.

To order any of the Creative Giving Vouchers please review our options below and enter your order using the form here – stating how much you would like to give for which cause. You can then either make the payment using our online options or state in your message if you would like to pay by direct bank transfer.

Feed the Kindu Klub

Get Soapy

Equipt our Artists

Sponsor a Gardener

Power a Football Team

Stock our Library

Part of the fun of being such a personal organisation is that we’re up for customising! So if you’d like to give a personal gift or help in a way that meets your interests you can contact us to see if your interest meets any of the Kindu Trust needs and we can build a donor package around you or that difficult person you need just the right gift for!