Kindu Klub Trip to Tis Isat Falls!

Children crossing the metal bridge

Children cross the suspension bridge on their way to Tis Isat falls

Three months ago we emailed you to ask if you would help support a trip for the Kindu Klub children to see outside of Gondar and visit the impressive Blue Nile Falls.

And you did!

Your generous donations more than met our target and we are happy to report that the trip has now happened and made over 150 people very happy!

On Sunday 9th of August 138 children from the Kindu Klub, 2 volunteers and 6 staff members boarded two buses at 7:30 in the morning to go to the Blue Nile Falls, known as Tis Isat in Ethiopia. The falls are one of Ethiopia’s most famous tourist destinations but most of our children have never been outside of Gondar so spirits were high and everyone was very excited to travel to Tis Abay, where the waterfall is found.
All groups at the destination
The day began on the bus with the children fed a breakfast of bananas, biscuits and bread. The Kindu Trust football team entertained the children with dance and music, distracting any children from car sickness and making the five hour drive fly by.

The trip was planned for rainy season, to see the waterfall at it’s most impressive, and we were lucky that it fell on a clear, sunny day. Joseph, our UK volunteer, even got his first sunburn! The children had another snack to boost their energy before the exciting walk to the waterfall began. We were accompanied by a guide who taught the children about the history of the area, the buildings and the two bridges which lead to the waterfall.

Speaking of bridges…

The walk over the suspension bridge was especially thrilling for the children. A wobbly walk was enjoyed by some children but many were sacred by the drop. Older children, staff and our volunteers were deployed down the line to ensure all children made the crossing safely and with peace of mind! But as soon as everyone was across we all got to see how breathtaking the waterfall was. As planned, thanks to rainy season there was plenty of water flooding down.

Once all the children had time to admire the falls, pose for photos and generally scramble about in the new scenery we made our way to Bahir Dar for lunch before the return journey home. As a lot of the children had not left Gondar before lunch was a good opportunity to talk about all the different impressions and excitements while enjoying the luxury of a hot meal in a restaurant.

Back on the bus all the children were really happy, singing traditional songs, laughing and talking. Back in Gondar the children were picked up by their parents who will no doubt hear the stories of the Falls for a long time to come!

Thanks to your generosity there is £150 remaining from the trip budget which will be used to take the children from the Playgroup, still too young for big trips, to visit one of Gondar’s most popular tourist sites! The children, aged 0 to 6, will be visiting Fasil Ghebbi, a royal enclosure. Fasil Ghebbi is an enclosure that contains the remains of a fortress-city within Gondar, founded in the 17th and 18th centuries by Emperor Fasilides and home to Ethiopia’s emperors.

Joseph helping a child across the bridge

Our local volunteer, Zenebe, and volunteer from the UK, Joe, help one of the children cross the rope bridge.

Some of the Kindu Klub children pose next to the Blue Nile Falls.

Some of the Kindu Klub children pose next to the Blue Nile Falls.











Children walking to the waterfall

The children walk back to the buses at the end of the day through woodland.

The children settle down to a varied lunch after their exciting trip.

The children settle down to a varied lunch after their exciting trip.







A heartfelt thank you to everyone who made this wonderful and unforgettable trip to the
Blue Nile Falls possible for our children!