Child Sponsorship

The Kindu Trust’s Child Sponsorship Programme is a real way to improve the lives of children and families living in poverty in Ethiopia. Our hundreds of supporters and sponsors have been contributing £19 per month (€27 or $30) to help families in need – just over 50p per day. You can join them in affecting such positive change

How It Works

The programme operates on a one-on-one basis, where the child and their family are linked directly to one supporter. In this way, many of our supporters have become quite involved with their family and have been able to witness the positive changes that their support has made in the lives of their beneficiaries over time.

If The Kindu Trust hadn’t supported me through my education, no one else would have done so. I can’t explain the way they have helped me to change my life. If I hadn’t had any support from The Kindu Trust my life would not have been like this. The Kindu Trust is the light of my life.” Ashageru, former sponsored child, Nurse


How your Financial Contribution is Organised

The £19 monthly sponsorship contribution is organised in the following ways:

  • Direct Financial Support
  • Educational Support
  • Medical Support
  • Training Fund
  • Sponsorship Management

The primary function of the Child Sponsorship Programme is the Direct Financial Support that is provided to the mothers and guardians of our sponsored children each month. This financial support is used to buy food, water, fuel and shelter. We closely monitor levels of inflation in Ethiopia and adjust the contribution scheme when necessary. The mothers and guardians in Ethiopia sign a payment form each time they receive their monthly contribution, and copies of these forms are included in the Supporter Information Packs.

To provide Educational Support, each sponsored child receives a school uniform and the necessary school books at the start of each school year. In Ethiopia, education at state schools is a provided public service, but children must wear a uniform and supply their own resources in order to attend. Costs of such items can be unaffordable for poor families, thus, the Educational Support we provide removes this prohibitive barrier.

Part of the monthly sponsorship contribution is used for Medical Support. This is used to help ensure that the sponsored child and their family members are kept in good health. This includes an annual check-up at a local health clinic each year. Through the monthly contributions by sponsors and supporters, the cost for all medical treatment required by the family is reimbursed by The Kindu Trust.

Money is also set aside into a Training Fund, should the sponsored child wish to attend vocational training courses.

Regular home visits are conducted by our team in Ethiopia to ensure that the sponsorship contribution is used effectively, and also to discuss any issues that the child or family may be facing. Staff members provide advice to the families and compile Home Visit Reports that are included in the Supporter Information Packs.

“On my graduation day I was so excited and happy. I made a graduation party and invited my friends and the staff of The Kindu Trust. I was so happy because The Kindu Trust are like my parents. Education is the most important point to change our lives. It is because of education that I have become like this.” – Daniel, former sponsored child, Hospital Administrator


Helping a child in need in Ethiopia is very straightforward through our Child Sponsorship Programme. Simply complete the Sponsorship Request Form and we will contact you at your convenience to discuss details and any questions you may have. Once we have received confirmation of your first financial contribution, the team in Ethiopia will post you a detailed Supporter Information Pack. To set up a regular sponsorship contribution, please see our Payment Page.

As the sponsor of a child, you will receive an annual pack containing items including payment records, school reports, drawings and photos of the child and their family. To get the most out of this experience, we encourage supporters to send letters and photos in return. You can get advice on letter writing here. Our supporters sometimes visit Gondar and the Ethiopian Office to meet their sponsored child, and this has proven to be a valuable and rewarding experience for everyone involved.

“We were astounded by the place and the work that is done there. We soon came to realise that every penny that is donated goes to where it is needed most.” Rawlins Academy, sponsor school