Child Sponsorship

The Kindu Trust’s Child Sponsorship Programme exists to help children from disadvantaged backgrounds overcome obstacles to education. We want to be sure that all children can go to school – and that they have food in their belly, a roof over their head, and school books to write in while doing so!  We have been supporting children with this aim of education as a path to greater opportunity and independence for over 15 years and our current sponsorship model has been honed over this time to ensure we are meeting their needs best!

The Kindu Trust currently hosts more than 350 one-to-one sponsorships between international sponsors and Ethiopian children. It costs £19 a month – around 63 pence a day – to sponsor a child.

How It Works

The Child Sponsorship Programme operates on a one-to-one basis, where a sponsor is linked directly to one child and their family. In this way, many of our supporters have become quite involved with their family and have been able to witness the positive changes that their support has made in the lives of their sponsored child over time.

If The Kindu Trust hadn’t supported me through my education, no one else would have done so. I can’t explain the way they have helped me to change my life. If I hadn’t had any support from The Kindu Trust my life would not have been like this. The Kindu Trust is the light of my life.” Ashageru, former sponsored child, Nurse

Different sponsorships take different forms and every sponsor receives an annual pack with a letter or drawing from their sponsored child, photos of them, their latest school report and an update on how they are doing from our team doing the home visits. Sponsors can write or send parcels to their sponsored children and can even visit! Our team will host you on a visit to your sponsored child’s family.

How your Sponsorship Money is Used

The £19 monthly sponsorship contribution is organised in the following ways:

  • Direct Financial Support
  • Educational Support
  • Medical Support
  • Training Fund
  • Sponsorship Management

The primary function of the Child Sponsorship Programme is the Direct Financial Support that is provided to the parents or guardian of your sponsored child. This financial support exists to build a secure home foundation that can bolster the child’s well being and allow them health, time and energy to go to school. As such, this money may be used by the family to buy food, water, fuel or to pay rent. We closely monitor levels of inflation in Ethiopia and adjust the sponsorship scheme when necessary.

The Educational Support provides your sponsored child with a school uniform, exercise books and pens at the start of each school year. In Ethiopia, education at state schools is free to all, but children must wear a uniform and supply their own resources in order to attend. The costs of such items can be out of reach for poor families – imagine being able to go to school but not having a pen or paper to write anything down on! – this fund gives your sponsored child a means to improve their chances of learning once they’re at school.

The Medical Support benefits your sponsored child’s whole household. This means that if any member of the household is ill they can seek medical help and do not need to worry about the cost as appointments and medication are covered by the Sponsorship. This means a happier, healthier family with less time missed from school due to illness or caring for unwell relatives.

The Training Fund provides further educational support that sponsored children can apply for. Depending on the path they choose once they are older, your sponsored child could get funds to attend a vocational training course.

Annual home visits are conducted by our Sponsorship team in Ethiopia but in reality our staff see the children far more frequently when they come to our after school clubs, when their parents visit the office or simply walking around town! Our staff ensure that the sponsorship contribution is used effectively, that the child is attending school and also to discuss any issues that the child or family may be facing. Staff members provide advice to the families and compile Home Visit Reports that are included in your annual update pack.

“On my graduation day I was so excited and happy. I made a graduation party and invited my friends and the staff of The Kindu Trust. I was so happy because The Kindu Trust are like my parents. Education is the most important point to change our lives. It is because of education that I have become like this.” – Daniel, former sponsored child, Hospital Administrator

Becoming a Sponsor

As the sponsor of a child, you will receive an annual pack including your sponsored child’s school reports, drawings or a letter from your sponsored child, a report on their situation and well being from our Sponsorship team and photos of the child and their family. To get the most out of this experience, we encourage supporters to send letters and photos in return. You can get advice on letter writing here. Our supporters sometimes visit Gondar and the Ethiopian Office to meet their sponsored child, and this has proven to be a valuable and rewarding experience for everyone involved.

“We were astounded by the place and the work that is done there. We soon came to realise that every penny that is donated goes to where it is needed most.” Rawlins Academy, sponsor school