Education is vital component to mitigating the effects of poverty. The Kindu Trust co-ordinates and supports a range of projects aimed to improve the education and prospects of children and young adults.

Once you have ordered your item we will send you a Gift Card containing information about the item(s) you have purchased; these make a great alternative gift!

School Stationery Voucher £8

School Uniform Voucher £10

Complete School Set (stationary and uniform) £18

Toys, Books and DVDs Voucher £12

School Stationery Set – £8

A set of pens, pencils and notebooks is a hidden extra in schooling costs for Ethiopian families. Parents with little income struggle to provide their children with adequate schooling materials, making attending school and learning difficult. Your gift of a school stationery set will give a pupil key materials for their schooling.

School Uniform – £10

Without a school uniform, many children in Ethiopia are unable to attend school. Many families struggle to provide a uniform for all of their children. These children are denied an education and the chance to socialise with kids their own age. Your gift will provide a pupil with a brand new school uniform, ensuring they can take their place in the classroom with pride.

School Set – £18

Buy a school Stationery Set and Uniform to set one child up for the entire school year.

Toys, books and DVDs – £12

The Kindu Trust’s playgroup educates Mothers about hygiene and childcare while their young children have access to toys and educational tools. For the Kindu Klub, the children & young adults have started a video club. This gift provides a set of toys, books, and DVDs for the Playgroup and Kindu Klub.

Please note: school sets are given to all of the children sponsored through The Kindu Trust. The School Uniforms, Stationary Sets and School Sets are distributed to siblings of sponsored children and to children waiting to be sponsored.