Christmas Celebration Fund


Christmas, known as Genna, is a very special time of year in Ethiopia. It is traditional to fast in the lead up to the day and celebrate with a chicken stew dish, shared with neighbours and family. If you would like to help a family in Ethiopia celebrate Christmas this year, we are gathering a fund to share among the disadvantaged families our work supports.

If supporters donate £10 this could buy foods for a celebration meal, £20 could buy food as well as pots and plates for a family. Whatever is raised through this fund will be shared among the 360 families that we support.

By setting up a Christmas Fund we are able to make sure that all families can benefit from a gift at this time of celebration and they are able to choose how their gift is spent – travelling to spend it with family, on food or kitchen supplies for the day.

Click the button below to donate to the Christmas Fund – select the amount you wish to donate and include the words ‘Christmas fund’ in the ‘Your message’ section. We’ll confirm when your donation has been received!

If you would still like to give to your sponsored family specifically, you can make a monetary gift directly to your family by donating and informing us how you would like the donation to be used.

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas!