Equip our Artists!

The Kindu Klub currently employs 3 infinitely creative workers in our Kindu Shop. Working full time, we have two bead makers and one banana art maker working from the Kindu compound to stock our shop with beautiful bracelets, earrings, cards and artworks. The shop is a great way to draw in tourists in the Gondar area who then also get to see the work of The Kindu Trust in action.

All proceeds from their work goes to supporting our youth clubs and other income generating projects as well as providing a great opportunity of employment for our 3 resident artists. This voucher will help to buy the basic materials for the amazing jewelry they make using magazines, small beads and varnish.

£20 pays for enough material to create 5 necklaces!

£40 can provide materials for 10 sets of earrings!


Equip our Artists Voucher £40