Volunteer UK

The Kindu Trust’s UK office comprises a passionate, dynamic team that welcomes volunteers to lend their skills and talents to help move the organisation onwards and upwards.

If you are interested in helping us and are able to commute to our central London office for 1-2 days a week, we are keen to hear from you! Currently we are seeking volunteers who have experience in the areas of:

  • Project Management
  • Fundraising
  • Marketing
  • Social Networking

Please Contact Us if you’re interested in volunteering with The Kindu Trust.


2 comments on “Volunteer UK

  1. Volunteering for the Kindu Trust is a very rewarding experience. Whether you’re
    volunteering to help out in the UK offices or further afield, you can make a difference and you’re time is greatly appreciated. The Kindu Trust has a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere and the work they do is invaluable.
    – Samantha Delaney (Graphic Designer)

  2. I am not a fan of Hugh Jackman, I admire your work and this pocrejt, work compessoas needy and special know how much is rewarding to help in some way, keep the group HughBrasilcezare on my face also share and disclose that I do this pocrejt . when meeting their publications, many fans and publish lots of photos of Hugh and his publications are going down the wall and I can not always see.Congratulations: fatima

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