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Volunteers are an essential part of Link Ethiopia’s work, providing vital help for our small team and an opportunity to share learning between different cultures. Volunteering in Ethiopia is an amazing way to add to your professional experience and a great way to enjoy the exciting experience of living abroad, supported and welcomed by our close knit team. Our placements last a month and are designed to meet our programme needs in Ethiopia and be adaptable to the interests of those who volunteer with us.


“I will never forget the hospitality, warmth and kindness shown to me during my time spent in Gondar. I would also like to congratulate everyone involved in the excellent work that is being done by the Kindu Trust, and to wish them even greater success in the future.” Volunteer, 2014


See below for more details and click here for full information on the placements.

Why volunteer in Ethiopia?

Because it’s a beautiful and astonishing country! Ethiopia is a large country that includes many landscapes. The food, the coffee and the music is unlike any you will find in another country. However, it is the people who are the main draw and will form your lasting memories of Ethiopia; warm, welcoming and fun, our volunteers formed friendships here during our first visits 20 years ago which last to this day.


Why volunteer with us?

 We’re local – we are a small charity, both in the UK and Ethiopia are offices are small and teams are made up of people from the communities that our projects support so you’ll quickly feel welcome and never end up doing anonymous admin work in the corner of a large office.

 We’re experienced – we’ve been hosting volunteers for over 20 years – it’s part of our mission to share cultural understanding between countries! So we really appreciate you joining us in achieving this. Our staff are well-versed in the experiences and potential problems of being a volunteer abroad and will be ready to help you with anything!

 We’re friendly – our office is also the site of our Kindu Klub school group and Playgroup so expect to see children running around! Most of our staff have been involved with us for many years, if not since we started, and all levels of the organisation are considered family.

 We’re making a difference – we help those most in need in the communities we work in, our projects are tested and we know they have an impact – meaning that children can access school and have the materials and support they need to learn there. You will quickly see how vital our work is and how important the impact of our programmes are.

 We’re non-profit – many volunteer placements are set up through companies that run off profit made from arranging the placement. We set up and run our own placements so you can be sure that all the money that you pay is going towards the actual cost of arranging your placement and to support children in Ethiopia.


What will I be doing?

Volunteers usually split their time between the lively Kindu Klub and our wonderful sponsorship team. The Kindu Klub is a youth group held for our sponsored children and their siblings, who are given lessons, play games and receive homework help to support their education. You will also support our sponsorship team to carry out home visits and write update reports to international sponsors. Our sponsorship team is made up of 3 members of staff who are all extremely committed to the social care and welfare needs of the 450 children we support on a one-to-one basis.

Where will I be working?

All placements are based in our Gondar office. Gondar is a beautiful and historic city, having been the country’s former capital, and just the right size to get to know and feel at home quickly! It has both ancient castles to visit and modern amenities for your comfort. Transport, Wi-Fi and restaurants are all easy to find within walking distance of the town-centre, making it a very convenient place to live. Accommodation at a local guesthouse is included in the volunteer package and you will be based an easily walkable distance from the town centre and office.  Gondar is also a great point from which to visit the many amazing places Ethiopia has to offer in the North and Lalibela, Bahir Dar and Axum can all be easily visited in your weekends.

How much does it cost?

Unlike many other volunteer organisations, Link Ethiopia is run entirely on a non-profit basis. The longest placement is a month due to visa restrictions, and is £740.

We also welcome volunteers for shorter periods: 3 weeks (£650) or 2 weeks (£560).

The cost includes comfortable accommodation, delicious lunch from our own office cook on work days, transportation to and from the airport, induction in Gondar and ongoing staff support, as well as a donation to the projects you will be working on.

For more information,  please contact us. If you’re interested in joining us, click here for the application form.


35 comments on “Volunteer Ethiopia

  1. Am here,from Ethiopia.And i just want to get involved in kindu trust and get real experiance with you guys.I hope you will let me know what i have to do to get involve soon!

  2. I would like to work with you begin a volunteer,am kidist from addis ababa-Please contact me

  3. i want to go to ethiopia as volunter for learn amharich language.please give me information for learn amharich program and all prise and invite and visa i am turkish live in turkey born on 1963 sincerely

  4. I came to Addis Ababa last week and I want to do some volunteer work in ethopia. Kindly consider me for an experience.

  5. I’d be happy if i coud get the opportunity to work with u guys.just tell me what i’ve to do get involved…thanks!

  6. I am interested in volunteering for a month with the project. How much does it cost to volunteer?

  7. Hi all and thank you for your interest. Above you can download the application pack which has all the details about how to volunteer with us, and the application form.

  8. Hi, i’m from Ethiopia, addis abeba. and i’m really interested in kindu trust. I’ll be very thankful if any one tell me how can i join you

  9. My name is Aksah Italo. I am Ethiopian. I would be really interested to work with you as a volunteer, but only if it not abroad. I mean not outside of Addis Ababa plz contact me anytime.

  10. heloo, I am from addisababa I would like to volunteer with your charity activities so if kindly accept me I would be glad to give a hand

  11. Hello there, I’ve read your posts and I think you are doing a really good job. It’s always been good seeing Ethiopians step up. I want to give a hand on whatever you’re doing.

  12. Great respect for all the people who are involved in helping bring about change & improvement,and I also want to be a helping hand.

  13. I got an email from you but I mistakenly deleted it.please can you send one again? I have been waiting to hear from you.thank you

  14. Hello …I am betel from addis ababa..I would love to get this opportunity for volunteer services in any kind of field that u want me to work in.this can help me for recommendation which is necessary for scholarship to study in abroad….so if u accept me I would be happier and let me know just send me your answers in my email which is stated below.

  15. hey its Mikiyas from Addis, i would like to volunteer with your charity activities so if kindly accept me I would be glad to give a hand. you can contact me anytime.

  16. I want to volunteer , i havent been working in my profession, but i studied nursing, i wil like to help in anyway i can please contact me

  17. Hello my name is Dr Dawit lemecha i am very pleased about the work you are doing to our country , this is examplery philanthropist act which i would be more than happy to help u in any way i could keep it up and Good Job

  18. Hi, My name is Bethlehem and I live in Austria. As I am planning to spend some months in Ethiopia (to visit my family) I would like to do some voluntary work. So I was wondering if you could help me with that and tell me what I need to do to support.
    Best regards.


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