Stock our Library!

The Kindu Klub is a youth club for the sponsored children and their siblings which serves to support the children in their education and improve their quality of life through play and physical activity. Our youth worker, Selamawit, has been working for over two years to build a library for the children to use as a resource to help with homework and expand their knowledge and creativity. You can contribute to their learning with our ‘Stock Our Library!’ Voucher which will help to buy materials for the Kindu Klub.

£6 buys paper and exercise books for one month of activities!

£18 means the children can have access to a weekly newspaper for a year!

£30 provides books for the library and pens for studying!

KTPB - Paper and Exercise Books Voucher £6

Paper and Exercise Books Voucher £6

Weekly Newspaper for a Year Voucher £18


Stock the Library Voucher £30