Why sponsor a child in Ethiopia?

Our Child Sponsorship Programme provides a way in which you can help directly to lift a child and his/her family out of acute poverty, offering that child hope for a better future.

Contributing £19 per month through our Child Sponsorship Programme, you help to ensure that the child and his/her family can afford food, water, fuel and shelter, as well providing financial assistance for educational and medical support. Most importantly, your contribution ensures that these children will not be sent out to work in order to supplement the family income. We work directly with our families to ensure that the children acquire an education and training needed to secure a brighter and more prosperous future.

Why sponsor a child through The Kindu Trust?

By sponsoring a child through The Kindu Trust, you can have peace of mind knowing that your support and financial contribution goes directly towards offering a better way of life for a child and his/her family in Ethiopia. We are a small but effective charity without a complicated management or administrative structure, meaning that your charitable contribution is delivered swiftly and efficiently to our beneficiaries. At The Kindu Trust, we are able to keep our costs to a minimum because of the goodwill of our passionate volunteers that lend their skills and talents to advance our work, with only two part-time paid staff members in our office in London, UK.

The Kindu Trust has a very strong presence in northern Ethiopia, particularly in the city of Gondar where our Ethiopian office is located. We work with The Tara Centre in Ethiopia, which has direct links with the families that you sponsor, and whose staff are personally acquainted with the families. At The Tara Centre, the specialists understand the local culture and conditions, and are best placed to help those who need it most in Gondar.

What can I expect from my sponsorship?

Sponsoring an Ethiopian child in need is truly rewarding. There is the satisfaction of knowing that your generous contribution is making a real, positive change in someone’s life. Sponsoring a child in Ethiopia can be a culturally-enriching experience should you wish to learn about this fascinating part of Africa.

As a sponsor you will receive an annual pack containing payment records, school reports, drawings and photos of your child. We encourage sponsors to send letters and packages in return. Sometimes our supporters travel to Gondar to visit our office and their sponsored child, and this has always been a valuable and rewarding experience for them.

If you are a UK taxpayer, The Kindu Trust is able to claim 25p from Her Majesty’s Government for every £1 donated. In order to do this, please ensure you have ticked the ‘Gift Aid’ box on the Sponsorship Request Form.

If you are donating using your credit card, please follow the link ‘Gift Aid Registration Form‘ to ensure we have you marked as a ‘Gift Aid’ contributor in our records.

How much does it cost to sponsor a child and what amount does the child receive?

Hundreds of our sponsors and supporters contribute £19 per month, and this contribution is distributed in the following way:

  • Direct Financial Support
  • Educational Support – includes school uniform and books
  • Medical Support – includes annual check-up and other medical treatment
  • Training Costs – includes vocational training courses
  • Sponsorship Management – includes costs associated with the regular welfare visits to the beneficiary’s home

Can I decide the gender or age of the child?

Yes – there is an option on the Sponsorship Request Form that enables you to choose an approximate age for the child, as well as the child’s gender. Some of our supporters are keen to support a child who is the same age as their own child or grandchild. Once you have completed the Sponsorship Request Form, the team in Ethiopia will work to link you with a child who best matches your specifications.

How long do sponsorships last?

Your sponsorship contributions can continue for as long as you wish. We encourage our sponsors to continue to support their child throughout their education, as the aim of the Child Sponsorship Programme is to see all of our beneficiaries successfully graduate from university or their desired training courses. Knowing that they have supporters looking out for their interests also brings a strong sense of security to the sponsored child and their family.

If I am unable to continue financially supporting a child, can I withdraw my sponsorship?

Yes – we understand that economic situations can change and supporters may be unable finacnially to continue their sponsorship of their child. In this case, The Kindu Trust will continue to support the child financially for six months after the sponsor’s payment has ceased, and will place the child back on the waiting list. If you do find yourself unable to continue sponsorship, we would very much appreciate you letting us know as soon as possible.

I would like to send something by post to my sponsored child, where do I send it?

Please send all letters/photos/gifts to our team in Ethiopia:

The Kindu Trust – Ethiopia
PO Box 1500

Please write the name of your sponsored child on the outside of the envelope and the team will ensure it reaches the family.

My child has graduated. What happens next?

Congratulations! We are always so delighted when one of beneficiaries successfully completes their education, and we wish to thank you for your support and contributions! You will be happy to know that after graduation, The Kindu Trust will continue to make sponsorship payments to the beneficiary for up to six months to ensure they have financial security while using their education to seek a job. We will contact you to update you on the situation and to give you the option of either finishing your contributions with that child or beginning the support of a new child.

If I pay more than £19, where does the additional money go?

It is entirely up to you how you would like your additional contribution to be used. If we do not receive a specific request, then we will use the extra money as a ‘General Donation’ and direct to it where it is needed most within the organisation. Many supporters request that we allocate the extra money directly to their family each month, and these additional amounts are classified as “Monetary Gifts” and signed for separately.

What is the difference between Private and State schools in Ethiopia?

Government-run state schools, which are free to attend, work on a shift basis due to high demands and low resources; children will attend school in either the morning or the afternoon,  in shifts of large classes of up to 80 pupils. To help supplement their education, The Kindu Trust runs a youth club – The Kindu Klub – which gives the children a place to learn and make friends. In contrast, private schools provide all-day education, in slightly smaller class sizes of up to 60 pupils. Attendance at these schools can cost from around £3 – £15 per month.

Can I pay for my child to attend private school?

The Kindu Trust is more than happy to facilitate the enrolment of sponsored children in private schools. This is best done in the summer before the start of the school year. It is common for the private schools to enrol the child in a lower grade than the child had been attending at state school. If you are interested in enrolling a sponsored child in private school, please contact us and we would be happy to explore this possibility.

Are there other ways in which I can help?

There are endless ways in which you can help your sponsored child and their family, from donating gifts and books or paying for the child to attend private school to installing a tap or helping finance any home improvements. Occasionally the Sponsorship Coordinators will identify something that is of concern to the family within the Home Visit Report included in the Supporter Information Pack.

You can also help out by volunteering and by raising awareness of The Kindu Trust and its work! Please see Work With Us to find out more about what you can do to help.

I have received notification that my sponsored child has dropped out of the programme. Is there a reason why?

While our team in Ethiopia does its best to ensure that all sponsored children are supported until they have reached their full potential, unfortunately we are not always successful. Children may decide to drop out of school, move away from the project areas or they may be receiving sponsorship from another organisation. The Kindu Trust has a number of rules that the beneficiaries and their families have agreed to abide by in order to qualify for sponsorship. These are primarily focused around the continuation of education. If the team finds that the child is not abiding by these rules, the team will investigate the situation and provide the family with advice and different options for moving forward.

In general, the team will try to work with the family to find a solution three times, but if, after the third time, no solution is found, then the team makes the difficult decision to stop sponsorship of the child. If this happens, you will be contacted by the UK Team with a full update, and the team in Ethiopia will send you a close-out report with further details. You can read the Guidelines that the Ethiopian team uses for their decision-making process in this eventuality.

Are projects such as the Play Group and Kindu Klub funded with sponsorship money?

No – These are separate projects that are administered and managed in addition to sponsorship,  for the benefit of sponsored children and their siblings in Gondar, but which are funded separately using general donations and grants.

What is Meketa and how is The Kindu Trust involved?

Meketa is a UK-based project supporting disadvantaged Jewish families in Gondar, Ethiopia. The Kindu Trust is supporting this new project by overseeing its Child Sponsorship Programme and Livelihood Programmes in Gondar, providing Meketa with the benefits of its extensive experience and long-standing relationship with the Gondar community.