Kindu Klub

Kindu Klub, established in June 2011, is a youth group based in Gondar that is organised for our sponsored children and their siblings. The Klub gathers every weekday in morning and afternoon sessions, which enables us to offer the flexibility that suits the children’s schooling hours. The Klub aims to support and help these children through their education at a time when it is vital that they do not fall behind. Higher grades in school increase the likelihood of employment in the future, which is not only essential in improving the lives of young people today but also the strength and viability of the community. As such, The Klub is overseen by a dedicated Youth Worker who provides the children with lessons to supplement the education they receive at school.

“The Kindu Trust is not only a place to work or study, but also a place to feel at home and foster interpersonal relations, a key element in every child’s life.” – Volunteer, 2014

There are a number of ways in which children benefit from the Kindu Klub:

  • It is a place where the children can play and make friends in a safe environment. Through a programme of physical activity and supplementary education, we aim to lift the quality of life for all our beneficiaries, and we are proud to see that attendance for the youth group is increasing on a week-by-week basis.
  • There is a library at the Kindu Compound which provides resources to help children with their homework. Books in the library have been sent from overseas and we are particularly grateful for a large donation from Books Abroad!
  • At the end of each session, the children are given a snack of bread and ginger tea, providing some much needed energy after so much exertion during their activities!  In addition, we are delighted to have recently been able to start providing each child with a hot nutritionally-balanced meal.
  • Recently, we have started to take the children on trips, to expand their experience, and enable them to access some of the wonders of their own country:  so far, the Gondar castles, and to Gorgora, on the banks of Lake Tana.

Expanding The Kindu Klub

The Kindu Klub is currently operating on a small budget, but we are applying for grants that will enable us to expand the project. To build on the success of this initiative, in the near future we would like to be able to:

  • Expand the library facilities to include computers to allow us to teach the children basic computer skills; and
  • Continue taking the children on outings to visit historical places in Gondar and beyond, perhaps conducting exchange visits with our beneficiaries in Lalibela and Debark. Buying a mini-bus would enable us to bring in the children who live on the outskirts on Gondar, for whom the journey is too far to undertake by themselves.

If you are interested in learning how you can help us expand this project, please feel free to Contact Us or visit our Donation Page.