Kindu Playgroup

The Kindu Playgroup is a pre-school nursery group that gathers every weekday in morning and afternoon sessions from our compound in Gondar. The children are provided with a safe, clean and stimulating environment in which to play, socialise and learn together. Books and toys donated from our supporters around the world are available for use by the children.

The Playgroup is overseen by a dedicated staff member who teaches the children pre-school learning activities such as the alphabet and basic numeracy so that the children have the necessary fundamental skills needed for future schooling.

After each session the children are given a bath and a hot nutritionally-balanced meal. Despite only attending once a week, this meal makes a huge difference to the development of these young children, and we are so pleased to witness the positive impact that the Playgroup has on them.

Expanding The Kindu Playgroup

To build on the success of this project, in the future we would like to be able to expand the services of the Playgroup to provide the mothers and guardians of the children with childcare education, along with basic health and hygiene training.

If you are interested in learning how you can help us expand this project, please feel free to Contact Us or visit our Donation Page.