Sponsor a Gardener!

The Kindu Trust compound is not just an area to locate our office; it is home to the Kindu Klub and Playgroup and, as such, welcomes around 60 children a week to play. Abebe Dinku, our gardener, ensures that the Kindu compound acts as an oasis for the children and the parents who visit with them, many of whom live in slums. The gardener has also started a vegetable patch growing carrots, cabbages, potatoes and green chilies which are used to feed the Kindu children at their daily hot meal at the Kindu Klub and Playgroup. There’s even a compost bin in the garden which is used to teach children good farming and growing methods and the science of how plants grow, as well as being environmentally friendly!

Our gardener currently works part time and you could improve the nutrition, knowledge and mental wellbeing of the Kindu children and their parents by supporting Abebe and his work to continue providing a beautiful and rare place of rest in Gondar for families as well as nutrition for their children.

£11 supports Abebe to cultivate a calm oasis in Gondar for one month

£40 enables Abebe to buy gardening materials and seeds so he can grow nutritious food for Kindu children

Sponsor a Gardener Voucher £11

Sponsor a Gardener Voucher £40