Feed the Kindu Klub and Playgroup!

The Kindu Trust set up the Kindu Klub and Playgroup in 2011 in recognition of the fact that many of our sponsored children never got an opportunity to play or enjoy their childhood and still needed educational support to improve at school, as many illiterate parents are unfortunately unable to provide this. Both clubs aim to work with the children in a variety of ways to make their lives more fulfilling and wholesome.

One of the key ways this is achieved is through the provision of a hot, nutritionally balanced meal on every visit. Though our vegetable garden contributes to these meals, our cooks make a weekly trip to the market to buy cabbages, carrots, onions, potatoes and tomatoes which they cook with rice or pasta for a wholesome lunch. And no child comes to the Kindu Klub or Playgroup without receiving an egg! A vital, and often rare, portion of protein for their growing bodies. The Kindu Klub is visited by 60 children and the Playgroup is visited by a further 60 children under 6 each week. One meal only costs 33p! You can ensure that these children receive a nutritional meal by buying a ‘Feed the Kindu Klub!’ Voucher.

Hot nutritious meals for a club for one day £5

Hot nutritious meals for a club for one week £20

Hot nutritious meals for a club for a month £80