This Fortnight at The Kindu Trust – Late June

The past week at The Kindu Trust in numbers:

114 children ate a hot nutritional meal

65 children used the Kindu Klub library

59 children attended the Kindu Klub

55 children attended the Play Group

30 children played football

10 home visits were carried out

8 families received medical support

 Ethiopia 2014 camera pics 014

Sponsoring School visits the Kindu Trust

The Kindu Trust is lucky to have the support of several dedicated schools sponsoring children, promoting the work of the Kindu Trust and tirelessly fundraising to keep our programmes going. Rawlins Academy, Leicestershire, is one of these schools and two of their staff were recently able to visit Gondar to see the work we do for themselves. Here’s what they had to say.

“Our group visited the Kindu Trust several times in April . We were astounded by the place and the work that is done there. We soon came to realise that every penny that is donated goes to where it is needed most. We gave children’s clothes to the HIV mums at their coffee morning and they changed their babies into their fresh new things. Everything we gave, books, footballs, clothing was massively appreciated.

Marta [Sponsorship Manager] and the team took us to meet the children that our school sponsors and everywhere we went children ran up to her Ethiopia 2014 camera pics 043smiling and had a little chat. We witnessed firsthand through their smiles how important the work of the Kindu trust was to the people of Gondar.

I decided to sponsor a child myself and was able to meet him and give him a most inappropriate white shirt and a ball. For under £20 a month another young person has a chance and I have an Ethiopian addition to my family. Hayley and I cannot wait to visit Kindu again and in the meantime we are doing all that we can to raise money and awareness for such an amazing cause.”

You can find more great pictures of their trip on our Facebook page. If you support or sponsor, or even if you’re just passing through Gondar, you’re more than welcome to visit The Kindu Trust compound!


Ethiopian Proverb

‘When spiders webs unite, they can tie up a lion’