This Fortnight at The Kindu Trust – Late May


The past week at The Kindu Trust in numbers:

50 children attended The Kindu Klub for support with school work

85 children at The Kindu Klub and Playgroup were fed a hot meal

66 children used the Kindu Klub library

5 Kindu families were visited by the Sponsorship Team

1 trophy cup was won by the Kindu Football Team!

 The Kindu Trust ‘Ferenjis’


Last month the UK Sponsorship Coordinator, Caroline Walker, had the joy of making her visit to the Kindu Trust Gondar compound to meet the team, catching up with some of the Kindu Trust supporters who have made the visit! And accounting for the absence of fortnightly updates! Many Apologies!

The trip was both enjoyable and productive, providing a much valued opportunity to meet the staff and talk face to face about the ongoing work of The Kindu Trust. As I’m sure anyone who has visited the Kindu Trust in Gondar will agree, witnessing the commitment of the Kindu staff, seeing the value of the types of support The Kindu Trust gives the Kindu families and meeting the children and guardians themselves is an inspiring experience which will drive us towards continued improvement.

Photos coming to Facebook soon!

 Life Expectancy on the Rise in Ethiopia

The latest World Health Organization report on the state of health around the world for 2014 shows that life expectancy in Ethiopia has risen from 45 years in 1990 to 64 years in 2012. This marks a great improvement in health for a country doing its best to meet the Millennium Development Goals; making Ethiopia the country with the second biggest gain in life expectancy around the world.

Ethiopia has also been noticed by the UN for its progress in reducing child mortality rates and reduced HIV and malaria prevalence.