Sustainable Jewellery

There was a post on the blog not long ago( in which we took you behind the scenes at our latest income generating project.
Well now the pieces of jewellery are on sale in our Gift Shop.

Hand crafted Bracelets

These beautiful pieces of jewellery are hand crafted in the Gonder area of northern Ethiopia by relatives of The Kindu Trust beneficiaries. Made from recycled glossy magazines these pieces are not only sustainable but also provide a vital source of income for people living in very hard conditions. The jewellery is the result of an innovative income generating scheme that is currently being run by The Kindu Trust.

This income generating project pays a base rate to the employees and also a commission from the profits of all sales. The remainder of the profits are invested into training programmes.

100% sustainable

These pieces make a perfect Christmas gift not  just for a loved one but also for the our workers in Ethiopia as the money spent is a gifting our female workers a real chance of economic empowerment