Roof repair

The Kindu Trust works to support disadvantaged  families and their children throughout the Gonder area.  The role of the charity is to help families carve out a sustainable future for themselves and their communities, however there are numerous challenges to this goal.  Lack of infrastructure, little employment opportunities and food insecurity are perhaps the most obvious challenges that The Kindu Trust works to alleviate.  But there are other problems that families face on a day to day basis that may in fact hinder progress in other areas of support; basic maintenance and sanitation are perfect examples of such problems.

The Kindu Trust provides families with 250bir a month, on average 74% of this is spent on food leaving little else to address other critical needs that the family may be facing. There is rarely, if ever, any surplus to save for the next month and so ongoing problems that may require a lump sum of money to solve are rarely addressed. However last month a sponsor of one of our families inquired as to whether there was anything extra she could do to help her beneficiaries in addition to the child sponsorship scheme.
Well, the team in Ethiopia quickly dispatched a sponsorship coordinator to meet the family and see what could be done to ease some of the day to day problems they encountered. The family regarded the state of the roof which was in urgent need of repair as their greatest concern.

The message was relayed back to sponsor  as well as an estimate as to how much it would cost and the money was duly sent not long after.  The roof was repaired and waterproofed within the month! One of the long standing problems facing this families had been solved.  See the photos below to view the roof before, during and after repairs.

The leaky roof before repairs

At work on the new roof













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The new roof