Growing crops in the Kindu Compound

The Kindu Garden is situated on a small plot of land within the compound and is tended by our gardener. Maize, lettuce and spinach and other crops are grown and used to nourish the Play Group children, with any surplus being sold at the local market for a profit. A secondary objective of the garden is to demonstrate to our beneficiaries how such a small piece of land can be put to good use. Furthermore, the garden offers the chance for agricultural training and land management.

There is a vibrant tradition of basket-weaving in Ethiopia, although basket-weaving skills take time to develop. In early 2011, The Kindu Trust ran a month-long basket-weaving training course for the mothers and guardians of 10 of our beneficiaries. The training course has given these women the skills and knowledge to construct quality items, which are available to order at The Kindu Gift Shop.

In addition to Kindu Trust-led training projects, there are a number of skills and vocational training courses that take place at various locations around Gondar. If a beneficiary, or any member of their family, wishes to undertake a course that will equip them with a specialised skill to enhance their job prospects, then The Kindu Trust will explore covering the necessary fees to enable them to do so. In this way we have seen a number of people undertake training in areas including hairdressing, woodworking, hotel management and tailoring.