Celebration Parcels

Like in any culture, the Ethiopian calendar is full of special occasions. Times to bring the family and neighbourhood together, make special food and share a good time. Our celebration parcels provide some of the key food and materials to help celebrate any of the major celebrations.

Celebration parcels can be bought by anyone and will be allocated to a family. If you are a sponsor you can purchase a parcel just for your family. Once purchased, we will contact you to confirm that you would like the parcel to go to your sponsored child. You can also email us at kindu@kindutrust.org to let us know who you would like the parcel to go to when you purchase it.

Some of the key celebrations in the Ethiopian calendar are:

Genna (Ethiopian Christmas) January 7th
Timket (Epiphany) January 19th
Fasika (Ethiopian Easter) April – date varies
Eid al Fitre (End of Ramadan) June – date varies
Eid al Adha August – date varies
Enkutatash (Ethiopian New Year) September 11th


Celebration Family Dinner – £18

Any celebration across the world is usually marked by sharing food and company. Give an Ethiopian family the same joyful social gathering by buying them a family dinner. Dinner will include traditional foods such as doro wat (chicken stew) and injera (Ethiopian pancake). The traditional dinner set includes a large hen, teff for injera, pepper, vegetables, coffee, sugar, saucepans, and a water bucket.

Product Code KTCFD 



Celebration Family Parcel – £22

Our family parcel contains a number of essential items that will help to ease the burden of everyday life, and a couple of luxury items to make any holiday extra special! The parcel includes hens, large quantities of teff for injera, vegetables, oil, coffee and sugar; saucepans, plates and cups, a kettle, water bucket, and a large wash bowl.

Product Code KTCFP


Gift Parcel- £15

Eyerus Misganaw and her Mother when they received parcel 3.JPG

A parcel of little treats, ranging from the essential to the luxurious. Perfect for marking a special occasion such as a birthday. Send to your sponsored child on their birthday, to celebrate your own birthday or give as an ethical gift on a friend’s special day!

Product Code KTBP

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