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The Kindu Trust places  a high value on the education of its beneficiaries, as a result the charity offers supplementary education to the children at the Kindu Klub. Here the children can attend extra classes in English, Maths and Science. This can help a child get a head start that may not have been possible in their circumstances, furthermore this tutoring helps build a better future for the children and their communities.

One of the main challenges in providing this service however is the shortage of books available to educational centres such as the Kindu Klub. Good quality text books, Ethiopian and English dictionaries, informative texts, advisory material and novels are always being sought after by The Kindu Trust. With these materials The Kindu Klub can continue to help those most in need within the education system.
Just think, those books sat around the house that have been read once and will never be read again or those old text books collecting dust on the book shelf can be sent to a community in Ethiopia where they can used many times over.

We are pleased then by the arrival of a shipment of books donated to The Kindu Trust by ‘Books abroad’! There was an impressive array of material from chemistry text books through to past editions of the National Geographic.

A shipment of books newly arrived in Gondar

Here is some feedback from Kassahun Demisse our general manager in Gondar!

It’s my pleasure to confirm the receipt of three parcels of different kinds of books. Thank you so much for sending those books to our organization, The Kindu Trust-Ethiopia. As our project is a Sponsorship in the Community Project, we are running different projects which can help and support our beneficiaries and their families in a number of ways. Among these small projects, the Kindu Club is one of them.

The Kindu Club is established to help our children to have access for supplementary education and to create a proper place where they can study their lessons, do their home works, read fictions and develop their reading skills, get reference books and sometimes practice physical exercises as they lack these facilities at home. Therefore, the books which we already received from you and perhaps the others which will follow next are and will be very helpful for running our Kindu Club programme as we expect it to be.

I, on behalf of The Kindu Trust-Ethiopia team, am very grateful for your donation

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Sincerely  yours

Kassahun Demissie

General Manager

If you want to know more about how you can donate books or other items to The Kindu Trust then follow the link or for any other inquiries don’t hesitate to contact us at

For more information about ‘Books abroad’ please visit their website here



As an international development charity The Kindu Trust takes on a number of volunteers in Ethiopia every year.  These are a valuable asset, performing a variety of roles for the trust including researching and assessment, teaching, designing activities for the Youth Club, visiting families and even doing a bit of decorating if they have the time!

Volunteering presents a chance to work closely with the Ethiopian communities that the charity supports, and to share their knowledge with these communities. The flow of information is two way, with our families helping the volunteer to understand firsthand what life is like for poor people in Ethiopia

Being a part of a team that is fundamentally orientated to the welfare of others less fortunate has been a rewarding experiencePeter Keeling

“My experience in Ethiopia has been life changing” Jessica Hopf

Jessica at work on the new sign for the Kindu shop

Volunteering will change your perspective of the world and enable you to make a real difference, as well as teaching you a variety of new skills and providing a critical insight into how small charities function at home and overseas. Not only is this particularly valuable on a CV but it may open up new doors to any aspect of international development, from medical care to social work, logistics to sustainable technology.

Our volunteers with the Ethiopian team in Gondar

The Kindu trust relies on the valuable feedback that we get from our volunteers, enabling us to assess our impact on the ground, which is vital in the continued provision of services to the levels which are required.

“I believe that the information provided through our impact assessment will go some way to helping The Kindu Trust improve its services to beneficiariesPeter Keeling

Volunteering offers opportunities to all those involved

Time today is a precious commodity, valued by individuals and organisations alike, so when volunteers donate their time it makes a real impact on the lives of all those involved.

“At first it seemed like a daunting experience and yet when we started our program we realised that we were happy as it gave us the opportunity to get to know the children and to teach them what they asked to learn” Jessica Hopf