May at The Kindu Trust

Last week in numbers 

98 children received hot meals at The Kindu Klub

50 children received a meal at Play Group

37 children used the Kindu library

16 families received parcels

20 beneficiaries received medical care

21 home visits were made by the Sponsorship team

The Kindu Trust has a new home!

It is with great delight that we announce that The Kindu Trust Ethiopia has now a new home in Gondar! The month of May saw us moving to a new compound that we will be sharing with our sister charity Link Ethiopia. Our new place has much more space to accommodate us and all of our facilities, and, most importantly, much more room for our children to play!

Our bright new Kindu Klub space

Our bright new Kindu Klub space

We have an expanded area for the Kindu Klub, with more space for the three desktop computers that were generously donated by IEFA last year. Since the new Kindu Klub can host more computers than the previous one, we are hoping to buy three new ones, so that we’ll have a computer for each child to work on in Kindu classes.

DSC_4528 (1)

The computers donated by IEFA in the old compound

A special thanks goes to our New Zealand volunteers whose contribution to the new compound was very important. Besides building shelves and giving lessons at the Kindu Klub, they also built a shelter in new Play Ground, so that our children will be able to continue playing safely in the rainy season. We are also planning to beautify the outdoor area with plants and patio chairs, and donations for this are welcome!

The playgroup children under the newly built outdoor shelter

The playgroup children under the newly built outdoor shelter


The outdoor Playgroup Area


Books at the new Kindu Klub


The shelves built by our volunteers
























Our new compound is located ten minutes away from Gondar’s city centre and we are not giving up the good old habits: everyone is still very welcome to come visit us! Our kitchen and a wonderful cook will be delighted to serve traditional lunches for all our guests, at your request.

Our new home is waiting for you!

New species of ancient human found in Ethiopia!

We would like to share with you a great piece of news from our wonderland Ethiopia. A new species of hominin was discovered in Ethiopia last May! Scientists found the jawbones and teeth of a previously unknown species of human being in the Afar region. We wait for them to tell us more about it!

Always something surprising from the country that gave us Lucy the Australopithecus!