January at The Kindu Trust


Last week in numbers

60 children received a hot meal at the Kindu Klub
35 children received a meal at Play Group
60 children used the Kindu Library
16 children played football together
28 of home visits were made by the Sponsorship team

The Kindu children have received their Christmas presents!

Christmas  gift 2015

Christmas gifts 2015


In Ethiopia, Christmas is celebrated on the 7th of January. For this special and joyful occasion, sponsors and supporters are invited to send the Kindu Trust children gifts using Creative Giving vouchers. Some of the children received a specific gift from their sponsors. Other Kindu Trust supporters chose to send their presents to children who were most in need. It was then our manager, Marta,who chose who to give the gifts to, according to the kids and their families’ specific needs. The Christmas 2015 presents included blankets, food and materials for Christmas meals, school sets, uniforms and much more. It was a sunny and pleasant Christmas Eve in Gondar when delighted children and mothers came to receive their gifts.

Nigist Ayalew.

Nigist receives her Christmas presents

Endaweku + Sintayehu Mitik

Endaweku and Sintayehu show their presents

Endaweku + Sintayehu Mitik.

Endaweku and Sintayehu wear their new pair of shoes

Aklilu Eneyew

Aklilu receives his gift

Bayechesh Gebeyaw

Bayechesh and her presents

Ethiopia is getting ready for Timket!

Celebrations in Ethiopia are not over! On the 19th of January, the country will be celebrating Timket, the Ethiopian Orthodox festivity of Epiphany, meant to commemorate the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan River. Timket is not just a regular religious festival, as it also represents one of Ethiopia’s most colourful days of the year. Big celebrations will take place all over the country, mostly in cities such as Addis Ababa, Lalibela and Gondar (the home of The Kindu Trust!).Cropped Picture

For this special occasion, a model of the Ark of the Covenant, called the Tabot, will be borne on the streets in a procession. The procession will then culminate with a Mass being celebrated by a pool or a stream, and the water being blessed by the priest and then sprinkled on the people. Some choose to enter the water themselves to renew their baptismal vows, in order to re-enact the moment of the baptism of Jesus.

Cropped Pictire 2

In Gondar, people will be heading to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the royal baths to take a dip into the water.
One of the biggest characteristics of Timket are the colourful umbrellas and robes which will be paraded on the streets, wrapping the Tabot and the priests who carry them.

We wish a happy Timket to all of our Ethiopian friends who will be celebrating!