Update – The Biogas Community Toilet and Shower Project is now in place!

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As a part of our mission to help the communities where our sponsored children live Kindu has installed Gondar town’s first biogas community service: a public toilet with eight rooms, four showers, four toilets, hand-washing facilities, and a kitchen—all powered using waste processed through the bio-gas digester creating fuel. We worked with residents, a biogas engineer and local government offices and the project is scheduled to be self-financing by the end of the year.

Biogas is a modern source of energy that converts organic waste and manure into a gas that is suitable for cooking.  At the moment most households in Ethiopia use wood or charcoal; as well as encouraging deforestation these fuels are costly and non-renewable. The use of biogas can reduce a household’s fuel expenditure by 80%.

So in January 2013 The Kindu Trust opened a public toilet and shower facility with a biogas digester in the Abiye-Egzi Kebele (district) of Gondar. Waste from the toilets and organic waste from the neighbourhood are converted into methane which heats the showers and provides a kitchen area with cooking gas.

Thanks to the project three members of the community are employed full-time, and residents are using the kitchen to cook and sell their food. The Biogas Community Toilet and Shower has proved popular as a way of providing a renewable energy source and improving sanitary conditions, and we are already looking into replicating the project into other districts!

To visit the project page, click here.

The old public toilet

The old public toilet…

Digging the s

Digging the cistern for the digester…

The new public toilet

The new public toilet!

Completed showers

And the completed showers!

The gas is working!

The gas is working

Residents sitting by in of the four gas stoves

And ready for use by the residents.