Weekly Report 10th March


  • 65 children received Kindu Klub hot meals
  • 43 children received Play Group meals
  • 72 children attended the library
  • 14 packs were due to be sent out and 12 were actually sent out
  • 2 home visits were completed.
  • There was a school meeting the day football usually happens.

House work is currently being done on a home which started in September of 2012. There was serious leaking problems as well as the entire structure falling over.

A brief explanation about TKT was given to the Exodes tour group who came to visit.

There was contact with the Trade and Transport Office in Gondar town to discuss whether The Kindu Trust could set up a bakery project as a source of capital. The officlas said this could be done if the requirements, which will be passed along to us next week, are met.