Meketa Fundraising Tour 17-28 November 2013

Meketa, our project to support Jews in Ethiopia, is planning a fundraising tour to take place on 17-28 November 2013.  The price of £1950 will include visits to various important, historic, and all around neat places in Ethiopia.

There will be a day spend in the capital, Addis Ababa, enjoying the sights and the Museum of Ethnology. Two days will be spent checking out Lalibella, a world heritage site. Axum, the believed home of the biblical table of the covenant, as well as the spectacular countryside of Bahar Dar, will be viewed.  Two days will be spent in the awe-inspiring Simien mountains.  And of course a long weekend in Gondar, visiting the castles and meeting and interacting with the Jewish community.

Anyone who enjoys travel, meeting new people, or with an interest in Judaism or the fate of the Jewish people would enjoy this trip.

As of January, there are a few hundred Jews left to emigrate to Israel  but over 5,000 rejected for aliyah as their Jewish decent follows the paternal and not maternal line. By helping out with Meketa, you can be apart of helping make this world a better place.

For further details to register your interest contact or call 07562 189 352, and check out the attached Meketa Trip Flyer.