Easter treats!

Easter, or Fasika in Amharic, is the central feast in the Ethiopian Orthodox calendar; it has more importance attached to it than Christmas.  After observing fifty-six days of lent Easter is celebrated across the Christian community with a meal. The Kindu Trust would like to ensure that our beneficiaries can celebrate this religious festival as it was meant to be celebrated and so we are launching our ‘Easter Treat’ campaign. Help us to send an egg to every one of our beneficiaries and their immediate families (over 2000 people) for Fasika. This egg is will given on Easter day and will signify the end of lent. Eggs are a vital source of protein in a meat scarce diet.


As well as our egg gift The Kindu Trust also has an ‘Easter family meal’ available in its gift catalogue. It costs £15 pounds and will feed an Ethiopian family on Easter day. This meal consists of chicken, lentils, onions and injeera bread and will enjoyed by the whole family on this special day.

If you would like to donate to the ‘Easter Gift Campaign’ then please visit our fundraising page and click on the ‘Easter Gift campaign’ button. £5 pounds will be enough to gift eggs to approximately ten families! Our fundraising total is £150 – £200. Any egg-cess money donated will be spent on providing hot nutritious meals for the members of the Kindu playgroup!

If you would like to gift an Ethiopian community an Easter meal then visit our gift catalogue here.

If you do not want to order for either of these online then please don’t hesitate to send a cheque to the office at
The Kindu Trust
Peel Centre
Percy Circus

Help us make this an eggs-elent Easter for all our beneficiaries!