Winter Newsletter 2016
Following the the Gondor fire Homes are under construction, our staff and supported families are safe post-unrest in Amhara Region and the Women’s Steering Committee are designing a new girls project set to reduce gendered inequality in education!

Summer Newsletter 2016
The Kindu Trust London moves offices, houses burnt down by the Gondar fire are being rebuilt and our ‘Day in the Life of’ Storybook gives an insight into the daily lives of our sponsored children.

Winter Newsletter 2015
Our Girls’ Football team begins, the first stage of the Biogas project is complete and a fundraiser takes to the sky to support Kindu Trust!

Summer Newsletter 2015
Read about our new home in Ethiopia and Kindu Trust video as well as our two new projects! And we are excited to report on our generous and great fundraisers.

Summer Newsletter 2014
The Kindu Klub take a trip to the Simien Mountains, our bakery cooperative project begins and our Mothers Coffee Morning receive loans to start their own small businesses.

Winter Newsletter 2013
The Kindu Klub take a trip to Lake Tana, we strengthen our biogas and mirt stove projects in the community and our new range of cards by Ethiopian artist Ephrem Assefa.

Summer Newsletter 2013
Meet our Project Manager and read about our now inaugurated biogas facilities.

Winter Newsletter 2012
From our Kindu Klub footballing prowess and Royal Parks Half Marathon heroes, through to the progress on our Tap Installation Project.

Summer Newsletter 2012
Including our very own visit from the Easter Bunny! The Kindu Trust’s volunteer scheme has now launched, browse our website to read more about it.

Winter Newsletter 2011
The 2011 Annual Financial Report is published and a brand new, very exciting, website is launched!

Autumn Newsletter 2011
The team in Ethiopia has started a Youth Club, called Kindu Klub!

Summer Newsletter 2011
Since we last wrote to you, The Kindu Trust team in Ethiopia has moved to a brand new compound!

Winter Newsletter 2010
The Kindu Trust UK office has MOVED to a new space! The new office will enable us to bring more people on board and grow our operations.

Autumn Newsletter 2010
Our beneficiaries have been given new school uniforms, and the new Gift Catalogue has been launched!

Summer Newsletter 2010
The Kindu Trust financial report for the year ending March 2010 is now available for download here. Further news updates are available in our summer 2010 newsletter – happy reading!

Winter Newsletter 2009
Things are moving forward at The Kindu Trust, with a new office location in Gondar and the launch of some new initiatives, including the Gift Catalogue. The latest news is covered in the Winter 2009 Newsletter.

Summer Newsletter 2009
The Summer 2009 update from The Kindu Trust – so much has happened in the last 6 months! You can also read about further changes in Kate’s letter to supporters and the Tara Centre News.

Winter Newsletter 2008
Read about The Kindu Trust News and Tara Centre News from December 2008.

Autumn Newsletter 2008
Read about the changes that occured within The Kindu Trust up until Autmun 2008.