These beautiful pieces of jewellery are hand crafted in the Gonder area of northern Ethiopia by relatives of The Kindu Trust’s beneficiaries. Made from recycled glossy magazines, these pieces are not only sustainable but also provide a vital source of income for people living in disadvantaged conditions.

The magazines are cut into long strips and then rolled tightly and varnished. The patterns visible on the beads are the result of the compressed pages which creates a beautiful array of colours across the face of the beads. Beads are neutral colours with bright lines of blue, green or red and brightly coloured small beads interspersed. Each piece is unique!

The Bead Making project employs three women in our Kindu Shop, and profits from the sale of the jewellery are split between the workers and investment into new Income Generating Activities.










Long necklace £7.50

Product Code KT02

Medium necklace £7.00

Product Code KT03

Short Necklace £6.00

Product Code KT04













Bracelets £5.00

Product code KT11









Earrings £3.50
Product code KT12